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When was the last time you had someone in your corner? Someone cheering "You've GOT THIS!" or maybe you just knew they were behind you whispering under their breath "C'mon... c'mon! You can do it!"

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Since 2012, I've come alongside photographers as they give themselves permission to reinvest in their art, re-evaluate their work, and remind themselves of their passion. The women I am working with right now have been accepted as members to their favorite programs, have had the courage to finally put themselves out there and charge money, and have even received inspiration to put the kind of work and attention they give their professional work into the personal work. Their galleries are starting to look more cohesive, they are starting to make their money work for them, and they are finding a unique voice that enables them to go off and do beautiful things, knowing I'm cheering them on.


Meet Past Students

Here is a glimpse of a few of the photographers I've had the please of working with the past few years.

Image by:  Shelly Niehaus

Image by: Shelly Niehaus

Shelly Niehaus of Shelly Niehaus Photography

"Mae was instrumental in helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses as an artist. I have always been strong with the business and technical side of photography but really struggled creatively. The assignments she gave really pushed and challenged me in my creative journey. Investing in a mentorship with Mae is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my art + business." 

Find Shelly at her website, facebook, and instagram.

Image by:  Leah Wagner

Image by: Leah Wagner

Leah Wagner of Leah Wagner Photography

"Mae gave me the boost of confidence that I so needed. Thru a review of images she was able to pin point the areas that I was doing great at and also areas that I needed to improve. She gave me the confidence to look at my work and what I was shooting and say, "Is this what I really want?" My answer to myself was I know what I want but am so afraid to pursue it. Talking with Mae gave me the confidence to pursue what I dreamed in my mind that I wanted to shoot."

Find Leah at her website, and facebook

Ever wonder what a portfolio review with Mae Burke is like? Here is a full review from a recent student photographing her children in Jamaica.
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