Have you ever wondered...

"Who was that adorable family Mae just shot?"
"What is Mae reading to the girls at bedtime this month?"
"When is Mae traveling to my city?"
"Where can I get that recipe for gluten free/vegan goodies for the kids?"
"Why haven't I checked out that podcast Mae recommended? What was it called?"


I've had the pleasure of looking at my business with fresh eyes and want to connect deeper with the people who have grown to love my work, care for my family, and enjoy my company (even if it's just within an online space!) I am excited to be offering a monthly newsletter that will share all sorts of fun things with you all. The products we are loving, the books that are inspiring us, the albums breaking our hearts, the recipes that are stuffing us, all of it! I have mostly used social media to promote my business over the years (and share my daily life with some amazing people) but I've gotta be honest - the available spaces are stressing me out. I'm sick of being sold to when I'm just trying to escape from reality for a few minutes, I'm sick of producing filler content just so I can say that I got in your feed for the day, and I've dang all had it up to here with that hard worked for content not being seen by those of you who enjoy it!

So here's my sollution - a newsletter.
You opt in. You say "I wanna see this, I wanna be here."
You can expect:
Announcements concerning Mae Burke Photography (exclusive discounts on sessions and learning, travel dates, etc)
More in-depth looks at what's working for our family (I may even let the girls in on this too!)
Discounts to some of our favorite products
Beauty, Light, and Encouragement from one heart looking to see Love whereever possible, to another.

So if you're in, I'm in.
Sign up here