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I would be thrilled to share this moment in time with you. This anticipation, this exhaustion, this joy.

Please fill out this form or email me directly at with all session and press inquiries.

I am currently filling 2017's calendar with one session a month for Rockport, Texas and surrounding areas. I am available for weekend travel to your home in the US and abroad. Check out the travel schedule. 

I am excited to continue to offer portfolio reviews and online mentoring and am available for speaking and teaching events for creatives and mamas.

Telling stories of motherhood through photos is a deep passion of mine, but living my moment in motherhood is my heart's desire. During the school year I will turn off email notifications and tune into the needs of my daughters' wild hearts. I will only be checking my email periodically, about once a week. I appreciate your patience during this time. I promise that you will receive my full attention as a client, but right this very moment, I'm putting my girls and my husband first - breathing in the refreshing air of the changing season.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my portfolio, blog, pricing information, Facebook fan page, or Instagram account.

"Ay, ay," thought the mother, as she looked once more: "Motes in the sunbeam as we are - miserable dust and ashes in ourselves - the light streams down upon us and transfigures us: we follow the light upwards, and become the children of light ourselves."

- Motes in the Sunbeam, Parables From Nature, Mrs. Alfred Gatty.