Clickin Moms is a wonderful community of photographers that has allowed me to grow as an artist.
It is an honor to be included among their wide pool of talented educators.
I have taught at Click Away 2015 and 2016, and have produced two e-learning breakouts through their Click Photo School.



In 2015 I released my first breakout, 
"Join Moments in Motherhood, a Breakout from Mae Burke Photography, and you'll receive several shooting videos, an editing video, a gorgeous PDF, and a bonus PDF with interviews with Sarah WilkersonBlu Hippo PhotographyPinball PhotographyInloveness Photography Ginger Unzueta Photography, and Liz LaBianca Photography-- all of the materials are yours to keep!"

Some reviews:
Courtney Larson of Inloveness Photography said
"Today has been a rough day. Like, a cry-it-out or eat-it-all sort of day. I have worked for a non-profit as a Communications Director for the past two years and today I decided that it just wasn't worth it. 
See, I just had my third baby who will most likely be my last and my days away from them is HARD. I partially owe the balls it took to walk away to Mae's breakout, Moments in Motherhood. It may seem weird that a BO about photography could cause me to quit my job, but it really is soooo much more than just about photos..or motherhood....or how they go together. Mae takes all of these milestone moments- maternity, birth, breastfeeding and family- and gives you her glimpse into it all. It's eye-candy and so inspiring!

Mae's heart for women oozed so much that it seemed like it was written for me or by me! Telling a woman's story is the goal in my business, but I crave to tell my own story too and I love that the exercises were geared around documenting my own life around me.

Yep, I am just a sappy puddle. Thank you, Mae, for reminding me how wonderful Motherhood is!"

Kate T. Parker said
"What a beautiful and beautifully done breakout. Mae’s unique and authentic voice comes through in all aspects of this breakout. The mix of inspiration and hard facts and tips is so hard to do, but Mae finds the perfect mix. I’d highly recommend this breakout for anyone looking to grow and learn more as a photographer."

Kyla Ewert said
"If you follow Mae’s work at all you know she lays it all out there. This breakout is no different, it’s her beautiful heart and soul on paper. It’s so obvious that her intentions are to provide a beautiful experience for the mom’s and people you shoot, and she helps you find that beauty step by step in this gift on paper."