lisa & mark waiting for baby h

Lisa is someone who makes you smile when she's around.
I met her at a five am workout class, and everyday, her smile made me smile.
She was a newlywed when I met her, coming into her own as a wife all while being an encouragement to those around her. When I found out she was expecting, I was thrilled for her! I was thrilled that she was going to get to experience motherhood, thrilled that her happy husband was going to get to watch his wife take on this new role, and thrilled that this baby is coming into a world of love that is just precious.

Thank you, Lisa and Mark, for meeting me at sunrise with your fur-babies to celebrate this beautiful time in your lives.

I met Mae at the gym shortly after moving to the Rockport area, and her enthusiasm and love for life automatically caught my attention. Once I discovered what her passion and profession was, I (not yet pregnant or even wanting to be) started envisioning my maternity session with her. I’m a planner, and apparently sometimes I plan for things that aren’t even within my grasp. Fast forward a year and here we are - baby in belly and Mae’s beautiful photography on my computer screen.
— Lisa J
Pregnancy has been one of the best periods of my life. I feel very fortunate to not have gone through any difficulties or complications thus far (minus a few weeks of morning sickness and acne that just won’t go away). Pregnancy has strengthened my marriage and positively changed my husband (and myself) in ways I wasn’t expecting. It has also helped me to bond even more with the women in my life. I can only hope to be the kind of mother that my mom, grandmas, aunts, and friends have been.
My husband and I decided to go the ‘natural’ route with our birthing experience shortly after becoming pregnant, and after reading and learning so much about the process, I find it hard not to try and sway others to do the same. A few friends, including Mae, have inspired me to birth naturally and it is what I’m looking forward to most in my pregnancy. Women’s bodies are designed to create, birth, and care for babies. I encourage any future moms-to-be to explore the option of natural birth too!
— Lisa J
My husband and I are so pleased Mae captured the love we have for each other and the excitement we have for our growing family. She even got our fur babies in a few! I was nervous about the vulnerability of showing my bare belly, but Mae actually snapped all of these shots as we were just catching up as friends. Mae has an eye for beauty through a lens. I can’t wait for our next session once our precious baby has arrived!
— Lisa J

Thank you again Lisa and Mark for having so much fun with me at the beach. I cannot wait to meet this little fire cracker!

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ClickinWalk 2017 | Rockport, Texas

I was so excited to lead the Rockport, Texas ClickinWalk for 2017 with Kerlyn VanGelder.
A great group of gals came out to shoot downtown Rockport and the Harbor.

I shot with my Lensbaby Edge 80 on my Nikon D750 and with Ektar 100 on my Nikon F100. I loved getting my hometown on camera (and all without having to worry about my kids walking... or ahem...jumping... into the water.

I'm so in love with the Clickin Moms community and deeply enjoy watching it grow!
Find more about what I'll teaching through Clickin Moms next Feb at Click Away <3

Love what you see down here on the Coast?
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family on an easter weekend

Melissa is one of the many women all over the country who have parents who have decided to settle down and retire in Rockport, Texas. Over the years, more and more of my clients have been sweet families who are vacationing in the Coastal Bend, and becoming their photographer has been so fun.

Over Easter weekend, my client's family and one of her sister's family came together to visit their mama and I was loving capturing their little reunion.

From Melissa
"The session was wonderful - I love that Mae was flexible enough for us to split it into two locations and times so we got different feels. She was also open enough to include other family members, which made some of the images even more special. Rockport is the best of small town Americana.  My favorite time to visit is the 4th of July...people literally walk from their homes to gather as a community and watch the fireworks as a community.  It struck me a few years ago that not much has probably changed in decades.  Rockport is a welcome change from the hustle of day to day in the city.  I also love that my parents have retired there.  They are making it home and I know my kids will make memories that last a lifetime."
"Mae captured my moment in motherhood. When I look at my photos I see Laughter...peace...and a tiny bit of stress when we weren't all cooperating at the same time. Everything is hard about being a parent, but I am not sure it has much to do with age.  I try not to take the joy out of being a parent by second guessing every decision or measuring every milestone.  I have more than my fair share of blessings.  I do not take that for granted. I am so much more patient that I ever was before.  I do not let the little things at home stress me out...spilled milk - no big deal, broken glass - just a thing, etc.  I was also able to spend my 20s and early 30s collecting passport stamps and building my career.  I don't think there is right or ready time to be a mom, but being "advanced maternal age" worked for me.
"Thank you, Mae, for allowing me to consider my motherhood journey. It sounds cliché, but right now we are...busy. I have a very full time corporate job and try my best to harmonize being a mother and wife.  I don't get it right every day, but I love those babies.  My goal is to make like less "busy." These images will be framed in our house for sure.  I love that Austen was laughing and Heston was both serious and laughing while running.  That is him. I know I will cherish these when my babies are grown.

Thank you, Humble family, for sharing the love of your family with me.

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