The Littleton Family

I am drawn to people with passion.
People who push themselves past perceived limits creatively and physically.

Ashley and Zeph were friends easily made because of this.

Zeph is a fellow Rockport-Fulton High School alum, former Crossfit Games competitor, and coach and owner of Zeph's Gym here in Rockport. Ashley is his dedicated, motivating, sweeter than pie wife who's diligent work for her family is beautifully inspiring. They both have a deep desire for community and treat their friends like family, no questions asked.

Spending the evening out in Port Aransas was so fun, so sweaty, and so sweet.
Thank you again, Ashley and Zeph for spending your evening with me and sharing the love you two have built all around you.

Andie & Sadie

When I returned from Alabama, a day late, I caught a ride home, slept for a few hours, then drove out to Port Aransas before the sun came up to visit Andie her adorable daughter.
*IF* you haven't heard, I'll be visiting a few UHMAZING cities next year, but I am always totally freak out excited to photograph vacationing families.

From Andie
"I met Mae at the Click Away conference in San Antonio last year.  I’m a hobbyist photographer, who photographs her child on a daily basis, and is always striving to learn and improve.  So when some photography friends of mine mentioned they were going to Click Away, I booked my ticket and tagged along! I stumbled upon Mae’s class last-minute—and I’m so glad I did.  During that class I took one of my all-time favorite photos, and came home so incredibly inspired.  I knew someday I’d love to hire Mae to take photos of me and my daughter!

Also, I am totally and completely “that” woman—the one who all too often hides from the camera because she feels she needs to lose weight first.  It has been over 2 years since I’ve hired a photographer and gotten in the frame—which is 2 years too many!  I should know better.  I decided to bite the bullet and knew that I would always regret passing up the opportunity to work with Mae.  I’m so INCREDIBLY glad I did, and that it worked out for Mae’s schedule to photograph us while we would be vacationing near her.

The session was by far the easiest, most fun session I’ve participated in.  Maybe because I’m so used to being behind the camera—but when I get in front of it, it feels very awkward and definitely not fun to me. But Mae was such a pleasure—she directed us when needed, but mostly, she just hung out with us as if we were spending our morning with a friend….taking fabulous photos all the while. J

Thank you, THANK YOU, Mae for the unforgettable experience and beautiful, beautiful photos.  I will cherish them forever…"

Lauren & Her Girls

The reason I went to Alabama was Lauren.
I met her last year at Click Away in San Antonio and took a trip to Phoenix with her and some of our other Click Pro friends. Lauren has three girls, like me. And I admire what how she mothers three strong, very unique little ladies in a way I don't see very often. This is pretty descriptive of our entire relationship. Lauren is a photographer "like me," a music lover "like me," and a burger enthusiast "like me." But in everything that we have in common, I look up to her knowledge and commitment. Lauren's artistic abilities floor me on a regular basis. Her desire for deep friendship is admirable. I love her like a sister and I'm so grateful that she opened up her home to me for a million days (thanks American Airlines.)
Without further gushing girl crushing, Lauren and her girls.

"So let's pretend you only get one word to describe what motherhood is like at this point in your life. I don't have to think long about it... my word is "exhausting". Motherhood IS exhausting. Now, that doesn't mean there aren't lots of magical moments of motherhood in there. But they get hidden (suffocated?) in a life that is simply exhausting. Between all the question-asking, talking-back, whining, pouting, stuff-everywhere, thirsty and hungry, play with me, look at me, WATCH ME demands of motherhood, it's hard to sit back and appreciate that motherhood is also amazing, rewarding, and utterly heart-stirring. 

We're so exhausted by the demands of motherhood, we forget to celebrate the delights of motherhood.  

What Mae has given me, these beautifully authentic pictures of me and my girls are tangible, irrefutable proof that all that I do and all that I am, is enough. I am enough. 
I know that motherhood won't always be this exhausting, and that one day I'll probably yearn for them to need me more than they do and to talk to me more than they want to. So for now I'll keep brewing the coffee strong, take it one day at a time, and look at my pictures often. Thank you Mae. 

Psalm 18:19 : He Brought me out into a broad place, he rescued me, because he delighted in me. "