The Howard Family

I have photographed Kyndal time and time again, and her family never cease to pull me in.

From Kyndal
"Seeing our family in these images simply brings me so much joy.  I see us; our crazy, silly, close-knit family unit that I pray will always be.  We grew by one this year, so to have these moments of our life captured as we became five is immeasurable.  These pictures so gracefully tell a story of each person in our family and that is one of the reasons we always come back to Mae.  She is our family and our kids are so comfortable around her, not only because we've had her photograph us for so many years, but also because she relates to them, isn't afraid to be ridiculous with them, and will hold a half eaten sausage roll for your two year old because they weren't finished eating it before your early photoshoot!  We look forward to having our pictures taken, and I don't think many people feel that way about photos.  The truth and beauty that Mae captures is always worth the investment of time and money - we always leave thinking of how much fun we had together and the kids talk about "Miss Mae" for weeks.  Motherhood is ever-changing, constantly-challenging, and relentlessly-fleeting; I am so grateful that this moment in motherhood was so perfectly captured for me. <3"

Thank you a million times over, Howard family, for making me feel welcome in your little circle of love. 
I will be headed to Austin and have one session available there before I wrap up my year. I'd love to see you there!

Chelsea & Her Girls

Chelsea and I met up at the Fulton Marina one windy weekend to spend some time with her little loves, here's what Chelsea had to say

Your work has always taken my breath away, but seeing my girls through your lens takes me beyond words. You have done exactly what I asked for, but have taken it to a level I could not have anticipated. In an impossible way, I can “see” the love I feel for these girls when I look at these images. I cannot thank you enough.

As for my journey to motherhood: The path that has unfolded was not the one I had pictured or planned, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. My girls have undeniable similarities, but are truly unique. They each bring their own little something to make up our family. And in some magical way, you have captured that very thing. In just a few pictures, you have managed to show elements of who each of us is and, more importantly, who we are together.

I could gush over you and these pictures all day.
— Chelsea

I'm so excited to spend the summer here in Rockport after my trip to Fort Worth in a few weeks. Photographing vacationing & visiting families is always such a blast!

chance & her boy

I have seen Chance in the photography world over the years become a sweet force of empowerment and encouragement, both to the women she photographs and the photographers in her community. I have not been excluded from her generous words and was absolutely thrilled when she booked a session with me during a recent trip to the Arizona desert. Her and her littlest boy drove a very long way to come and see me, so I had a few nerves about making sure her pictures were everything she'd hoped they'd be.

Chance arrived with a blurry eyed little boy ready to cuddle and explore. Chance wanted to document the last days of her nursing journey, that could come to a bittersweet end at any moment with me - but little man had other plans. There were rocks and sticks and beautiful mama hair to play with! No time to nurse! And just as soon as the sun dropped below his mama's unruly mane, (coinsidentally at the same time as when he stepped on the tiniest cactus thorn) he decided to get comfort from his mama's breast.

From Chance
" I am holding onto every second of "baby" with this one. I couldn't be more happy with the images that Mae delivered. She captured the love between my little and I perfectly. She was sweet, funny and oh so very patient. "

(read more about Chance's experience with me over on her blog!)

Chance, thank you so much for trusting me with this moment in motherhood. I wish you and your clan all the best!