Duckett Ladies

Keri is a dear friend.Past roomie, bridesmaid, encourager, button pusher, giggler, Jesus chaser, she is one in a million.

Watching how motherhood has changed her, sanctified her, has been an honor. Celebration, loss, sleepless nights, grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace, I've walked through a bit with this lady. She points me back to biblical friendship when I can't get past my frustration or pride. She has learned to put her girls first before everything else, and the evidence is in their spirits.

Happy Birthday, Old Lady. Even though you're basically middle aged now, I still love you ;]

Keri on Motherhood: "Motherhood is this odd and beautiful thing where suddenly your eyes are wide open to a whole new world. It's a mission, an opportunity even, to be these girl's safe place. I get to create this place between us where they can come and find love and be embraced whether they have it all together or not. Whether they're "okay" or not. And ultimately, I get to represent that gospel... of grace to them. That's powerful and scary and amazing."

2014 Holiday Travel Dates

Mae Burke Photography Holiday Travel DatesEveryone's favorite time of year is just around the corner - Fall.I can almost smell it. (that is... if I had a sense of smell...)

While I will not be booking mini sessions this year, I will be traveling to the DFW area and Austin to photograph some of my very favorite families (and some gorgeous new faces!) DFW sessions are already half sold out (not fair, I know) and I won't be back until April 2015.

Living on the South Texas Coast and thinking "HEEEEY, what about us?!" You can book me any time, all your info is riiiiiiiight here.

So if you are ready to celebrate how your family loves instead what your family looks like, or Grandma is begging for updated images of her babies that aren't edited via Instagram, or, let's be real, you just really, REALLY want to hang out with me- Contact me. Let's talk about your session. | 361.229.6376







Before the Summer Comes

Very, very soon it will start to be very, very hot here in Texas.But for now, I am letting them play tourist every chance they get.

And my sweet, fat, adorable squish will be one year old next Saturday. We are scheduled for family pictures, but I wanted to snap a few of my own tonight, before she hits that magic date that means she's no long a baby anymore.