Jena Bump

  This is Jena. She is a mama to two boys, a firecracker of a baby girl, and is pregnant numero quatro. Jena is a passionate mother, a giver, a creator, and a deep thinker. I couldn't think of a more beautiful and appropriate morning to photograph her waiting on this next little love to come into the world.

It was so fun to spend this time with her, uninterrupted by our six kids, laughing, and playing in the freezing jellyfish filled water and taking in all of the grey and blue. We woke up at dawn to catch all the beauty that is the bay right after a rain storm. Worth it. Thank you so much for this morning, Jena <3

Twin Belly on the Bay

A while back, my husband, of all people came home from work and said "Do you remember a Jenna M from high school? Well they've had a long pregnancy journey and they're finally pregnant. WITH TWINS!"First of all, I love that my husband knows me well enough to know any pregnancy news is worth telling me, because I just love babies, ha! Secondly I thought "Well, her photographer she will be lucky, I bet she's GORGEOUS!"

Imagine my surprise when a few months later I got an email from her asking about a session!

Jenna and her husband are such a very sweet couple, and she is carrying these babies (one boy and one girl) just beautifully! And I must add, their sweet fur baby did AMAZINGLY well. He's going to be such a good big brother :] I am over the moon excited to meet these babies this winter and am thrilled this woman gets to experience motherhood this way.