Before the Summer Comes

Very, very soon it will start to be very, very hot here in Texas.But for now, I am letting them play tourist every chance they get.

And my sweet, fat, adorable squish will be one year old next Saturday. We are scheduled for family pictures, but I wanted to snap a few of my own tonight, before she hits that magic date that means she's no long a baby anymore.

The Browning Family

Shooting the Brownings has been a large part of my career. Watching their family grow since the birth of their daughter, and becoming best of friends has brought lots of joy to my lifeKatie is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and a 100% goof in front of the camera. I have learned over the years to let her do her thing and never *under any circumstances* ask her to look at the camera. She is the ideal lifestyle client ;] And kind. And generous. And ridiculously photogenic (and little Ella is totally inheriting this gene)

I had rented out the gorgeous 3825 S Bowen Rd in Arlington for an evening of sessions. And then the rain came. I cancelled all but their one session because the weather said that there mightcouldpossibly be a break from 4-5. And let me tell you what, we didn't have a minute more!

I am thrilled with the pictures, though I normally wouldn't shoot on such an overcast day. Hopefully lovely Katie will too ;]