Loving on my babies


Before every session I ask my mamas "Ok, you say to yourself, 'I've got a session with Mae Burke, I need to make sure I have *this* picture.' Now, what comes to mind?" Over the years the responses I've received have changed from "Well there's this one I saw on Pinterest" to "...Just me loving on my babies!" It means something different to every single mom, but somehow universally the same.

Excited to keep shooting in today's soft grey skies and surging tides

Maybe She's a Wildflower

Lily in the SunsetLily is a WildflowerLily is a Wildflower Playing in the Summer SunsetLily on the Rocks by the BeachLily on the Rocks by the BeachMy oldest, the one who made me a mama turns five in less than a month. The young woman that she is growing to be - one that seeks to be obedient to her parents and Lord, one that is kind and girly and full of wonder - makes my heart ache with joy. Oh my little wildflower, I love you so.