Blue Eyed Baby Blues

Kimi is the sister of another one of my favorite clients. I photographed her earlier this year while she was still pregnant.The forecast predicted rain and gunk so I jumped the gun and moved her session to the middle of the day. When we arrived in Port Aransas... there was not a cloud in the sky. Fully on, noon sun. I was a little devastated.

I offered to photograph her again in the future once the baby arrived to make it up to her since she lives in Houston (about 4 hours north of here). So with her sweet girl turning six months old, and her nephew arriving last week, Kimi made the trip down again. And wouldn't luck have it that her sweet girl started teething on the way down.

I felt so bad for the little sweetie, but you know what? These are some of my very favorite images. Sweet girl just melts into her parents arms, the way us mamas always want to remember our babies.

This is what photographic authenticity is about, and I'm forever grateful for clients who appreciate it.