Cadle Family

Karrie contacted me a few months ago, eager to meet me during my next visit to Fort Worth. She has three babies, but only one, her daughter, is still tiny.She has two older boys, 19 and 13, and her baby girl is 18 months old. This is a very precious time for this mama because, just like her husband, her oldest boy has enlisted in the Navy and will be headed out to boot camp. Can I just say, I still get very nervous shooting older kids. I mean, I kill it with the babies, obviously, but impressing grown boys to get genuine smiles out of em... Uh, intimidated. But Karrie has done such a fabulous job as a mama. All of these kiddos were so sweet, polite, and fun. Thank you, Cadles, for spending the morning with me.

Fort Worth clients, this is the field we'll be using come Nov 23rd during my last trip to Fort Worth. The light is DELICIOUS early in the morning and we should have even more yummy golds by then. Contact me via the contact form above or shoot me an email at to make sure you have a spot reserved.