Janae & Babe at Home

Upon hearing that I was coming to Fort Worth, this mama contacting me saying she would love for me to photograph her and her sweet girl in their nursery. She said "It's all white and people tell me all the time that I should have pictures done in it."

Uhm. Hello. WHY no other photographer has taken her up on this before?! I'll never know.

From Janae: "MAE! Thank you so much for doing our pictures. They're what I have always wanted and dreamed of. Nursing my sweet baby in an all white nursery, like a little slice of heaven. Breastfeeding is flying by and I know it won't last forever (at least I hope not) so as I get up over and over in the night, I just gotta say "LORDDD GIVE ME PATIENCE PUHLEASEEEEEEE". Then as Ive been sitting up there the past couple weeks, I can't help but think how much of a bond we've formed through this. Breastfeeding is a blessing and I'm grateful it's been an easy journey for us, because I know it's not the case always. I'm so excited to have these photographs to cherish these soon to be memories of the countless hours spent giving my babe her "delicious treat". You are one gifted mama! The Lord will use you to touch people with your talent. "