Sabrina & Number Three

The amazingly talented Mrs. Sabrina Gebhardt came to me for a visit while I was in Fort Worth last weekend to talk about this big scary thing that is running a business with three littles under foot.As I blabbed, she, in her maxi skirt and maternity top, hair tied up in a post soccer morning bun, kept taking my breath away.

So before our time was over, I took her upstairs to the home that my sweet friends are renovating and pushed her way past her comfort level to get some shots of her. I couldn't just NOT photographer her.

She shared a little bit of her heart on her blog this morning, and this is what she had to say after her time with me:

"This pregnancy was a surprise. A little gift from God. It has been exciting, enjoyable, painful and hard all mixed into one. With two older children, my body has done this before. It knows what to do but it is also so very tired. It wears scars and marks from 35 years of life. As this pregnancy draws near, we are excited to meet this little person who will complete our family. We are anxious to know if it is a 'he' or a 'she'. My body is done. I am in the place where I am balancing a fine line of wanting the end to come and also wanting to cherish these last days with someone growing inside of me. I am exhausted and emotional and spending my energy getting things ready to meet this precious life. This precious grand finale for our family that wasn't planned by us but was ordained by God"



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Browning Babe


As a photographer, I am honored to share intimate moments in people's lives that many aren't privy to. But I find it almost necessary to get all up in my client's space, where they are comfortable and raw and truly themselves. I will never tire of shooting in my clients homes. Or baby bellies. Or extra limey salsa. But now we're getting off track.

This beautiful mama and her family are waiting for their baby boy or girl to arrive ANY MINUTE now. So, while you're going over these... maybe send her some birthy vibes or a virtual hug. I think they are very ready to meet their sweet babe.