Mama Nancy & Son

Nancy and her beautiful baby boy came to visit me while I was in Houston.He was squishable. She was head over heels in love. I died from all the gorgeousness. True story.

Today I'm sending off her package of prints and I'm a little sad to see them go. They are that gorgeous.

The Fount Collective shared a few of their favorites last week, here are a few of mine.



Mama Nami

The weather the morning of Nami's session could not have made me more nervous.I arrived early and watched the last of the sunrise get swallowed up by thick clouds and held my breath as sprinkles tried their hardest to fall.

Nami arrived with her children and a peace and sweetness fell over the bay. The gentleness that this mother extends to her babies seeps out of their every pour. They were kind. Patient.  Polite. Outshining their photogenic looks was an overflowing abundance of gentle love. Eventually the spitty rain got the best of us and we packed it in.

Thank you so much, Nami, for sharing your beautiful family with me.



The Last Time

Mother & Daughter Mini SessionI met Mama A in 2012 during a breastfeeding mini session with her Baby G. These two ladies were SWEET AS PIE and G reminded me of my own little babe, Norah. Imagine my giddiness when I received an email from Mama A booking me for another mini session this year. I love any opportunity I get to photograph mothers, but when they are repeat clients, and when they are as genuine as this woman is, you get excited about it!

I received this email a few days after I delivered their images "My husband and I are dying over the pictures!!! Thank you so much.  I love them.  And I love how you captured G's smile that reflects her joy.  And {she} hasn't asked to nurse since then so you may have truly captured the last time I'll ever breastfeed!   Bittersweet."

You see, G is the youngest of many siblings, and the last baby Mama A plans to nurse. Little unexpected gifts such as this fill my heart.

Thank you for allowing me to photograph you during this time as a nursing mama, A. You are a joy.