Phoebe is Two

You are my baby.You are silly, sometimes whiny, always adorable. You are adventurous, staying close to danger, but just out of it's reach. The water is where you are most happy. You tell a joke THAT YOU MADE UP ALL ON YOUR OWN! "Knock Knock!" Who's there? "Poop!" Poop who? "EW!!!"

You are tender and show compassion often, while still wildly independent at times. You still need me. You are my baby. You are two.


Brooke & Steve Waiting for Baby

I met this darling couple who are waiting for their first little baby to be born any day now at the Texas State Fair about a month ago. They were both an absolute joy to work with! Posable, up for anything, put up with my insane areobic demands, and DELIVERED on their pictures.


Despite rain and nightfall (which usually has me packing my bag) these two inspired me to stretch my creative limits, and I'm thrilled with the results.


So without further adu, please welcome glowing Brooke and her sweet husband Steve to the blog. And be sure to keep an eye out for their little mister to make his appearance for his newborn session!