Courtney and Chase waiting for Baby C | Rockport Family Photographer

Courtney and Chase are fellow Rockport natives and RFHS graduates.
The memories I have of them growing up are all the same - smiling.
Courtney, the upbeat, ear-to-ear grinning, cheerleader with the always bouncing blonde ponytail. Chase, the basketball and football player always right by her side doting.
But these two high school sweethearts had more than just puppy love. The display of deep friendship and genuine adoration they have for each other was evident from the moment we arrived at the beach, and the excitement it brought to me as an artist was palpable.

Bechtol Maternity Session  by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-1.JPG

I've said it a million times, photographing expecting moms is my favorite thing (other than my kids) but photographing first time moms - that might be my favoritest thing. Being a little bit ahead of these first time mamas in this motherhood journey is indescribable. Having the ability to watch them and see their beauty that is new to them, and ever-changing, remembering the excitement and anxiety of each new kick, ache, and Amazon purchase, it is all so precious.

Bechtol Maternity Session  by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-13.JPG

Here's a few words from Courtney

"The more and more I look at these photos the more I fall in love. They are just so beautiful! I can't get over it. As the morning went on, you can tell we started to feel more comfortable. You put me at such ease and made me feel so beautiful. Thank you for that. They are simply perfect. "

Bechtol Maternity Session  by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-16.JPG

"Mae took my maternity pictures and at a time when even my wrists felt fat she put me at ease and made me feel as though I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I was absolutely dreading our session (as no one likes to take pictures of themselves when they don't feel their best), but after she met with me the day before to discuss outfits and the final details I knew I was in good hands. The session was truly one of the best experiences. My husband and I left feeling so full of her infectious joy and as though we had made a lifelong friend in Mae. Our pictures are indescribably beautiful and I cannot wait to schedule our next session. Mae has created a lifelong client in me and my family."

Bechtol Maternity Session  by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-55.JPG

Here are a few more of my favorites

Courtney and Chase, again, thank you a million times over for spending your morning with me out on the water. Your love is so deep and so true, this little girl you are waiting for is so lucky. I can't wait to meet her.

Bechtol Maternity Session  by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-10.JPG

I find so much joy in photographing expecting couples, babies, and families in Rockport, Texas - For more information on these sessions, visit my shop or email me at for more info on booking a session with me.