Charissa & Baby at Home with Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke

Last summer I had one of my very favorite sessions ever here in Rockport.

A beautiful mom, her husband, three boys and one baby girl.
It was a magical, sweaty evening that made me fall in LOVE with this family

The Lynch Family by Mae Burke-22.JPG

In fact, at the time I had been planning to quit my business, (but then Harvey, and blah blah blah...) and when I got home to edit them, I turned to my husband, leaned into his chest and started crying saying "It sucks this is over, I love it so much and I'm really good at it."

Plans changed (PRAISE THE LORDT!) and the second I got another inquiry from Charissa, I was thrilled. I'll be photographing her again this summer, but first, we needed to celebrate her itty bitty baby girl's first birthday!

Charissa booked a Loyalty Session and we met at her home here in Rockport just to capture a few frames of who this little lady is.

Eloise One Year by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-3.JPG

Charissa says she's not "good with words" but I would argue that she uses up all of her energy pouring into her kiddos. And she wrapped up our experience rather susinctly, in my opinion!

"We hired Mae.
She was fabulous.
Motherhood is hard."

Eloise One Year by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-21.JPG

I am so lucky to get to photograph amazing mothers and their families like this.
Thank you for sharing your love for them with me, Charissa.

I find so much joy in photographing expecting couples, babies, and families in Rockport, Texas - For more information on these sessions, visit my shop or email me at for more info on booking a session with me.