Building Relationships

I once prepared a presentation for a photography conference that gave specific bullet points for how to create the "perfect" client questionnaire that had the "perfect" questions that would make your clients magically open up, giving you "perfect" pictures.
I ultimately scrapped that because it was too dry for me, and because it's total bull crap. I had bought the lie and I was about to start spreading it.

DFW Preview by Rockport Family Photographer Mae Burke-2.JPG

Some of the clients I shot this weekend in DFW have been with me since 2012. They trusted a 23 year old girl with their maternity or newborn pictures and we've been together ever since. We have watched each other grow into Parenthood, celebrated additions, mourned losses. The connection formed between us was made through vulnerability, trust, and a diligent commitment to improve the quality of my art and business year after year.

This kind of business plan isn't for everyone, and it isn't necessarily stable, and I don't know that I can fill any kind of presentations about it, but it is fulfilling in a way that is rare and beautiful.