MORE Homeschool FAQs

Last week I shared with you all how excited I am about all of the things I've been learning in this first part of the new year. This time has given the much needed space to explore new gear, plan more intentionally for the future... do my taxes... ahem... All kinds of exciting things ;)

From trying kickboxing out for the first time, learning to swim, picking up embroidery again, there are lots of things my little creative mind has been busily working through. This includes my never-ending journey of refining myself as my girls homeschool teacher.


When I mentioned that last piece of info, lots of your ears perked up and you through some questions my way, which I'm happy to answer!
Here is the video I recorded on Periscope for you all (you can also watch it on the periscope app if you'd like! all you need to do is download the Periscope app, find me @mae_burke, and go to my most recent podcast!) 


Here are a few resources I mentioned in the video:
Ambleside Online
Simply Charlotte Mason
A Delectable Education


Also, Here is a blog post I did years ago about those Year 0 years (ages birth-6)
While there are some things I'd change from a few more years of experience, I think this is a good starting point. Had I actually used these resources I listed above to their full potential, I think those years could have been made all the more easier. I currently have one Year 0 student (Phoebe,) one Year 1 student (Norah,) and one Year 2 student (Lily.)
You can find our Morning Schedule for Lily and Norah, as well as our afternoon schedule here on Dropbox. Please keep in mind that these are VERY personalized for our family's personalities, geography, and values.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!