welcome 2017

I cannot believe we are almost a month deep into the near.
I've spent the week regaining my senses after a three week long teaching course through Clickin Moms and think I've finally found myself again!

I should have updated this space to say, "Hey! Go buy this thing I did!" or maybe even a "Hey! I'm still alive!" but that would be indicative of me having time to do so... which, I in no way did!
BUT I'm here, planner filled out, ready to take on 2017 in a gentle, but sure way.

Here's what you can expect from me in the coming year:

Another year of daily documentation through my 365 Project (view 2015 & 2016 here) Observing and creating these moments with my girls has been immeasurably significant, and a gift I hope to give my girls as their hearts come to appreciate it.

More Moments in Motherhood. I will continue booking sessions once a month in Rockport, Texas and surrounding areas (Victoria, Gregory-Portland, Corpus Christi, North Padre Island, Mustang Island, and Port Aransas) as well as visiting other Texas cities throughout the year (Houston, Austin, and the DFW) to continue my love of photographing Mothers and their families. I will be staying in Texas this year to devote more time to my own precious girls and am excited to be able to stay close.

Online Mentoring and Portfolio Reviews are refined and better than ever! 
Mentoring sessions consist of two 1+ hour video calls that include a portfolio review, personalized homework assignments, and a look at your social media presence and business goals. I only take on one of these per month.
Portfolio Reviews allow a photographer to send in her portfolio of 15-25 images and received a recorded commentary and review of the images presented. This is a great option for photographers who are portfolio building, rebranding, or who simply need fresh eyes on their work.
Both services include an invitation to a private facebook group of other photographers who have been mentored by me, and access to all periscope videos that have been recorded and uploaded to a secret page on my site.

Teaching through Clickin Moms
I am so grateful for the opportunities that I've been given through Click & Co. This year I have two breakouts available in the Clickin Moms Store - Moments In Motherhood and Behind The Scenes Vol 2. I also hope to participate in the next Clickin Walk and a few other fun things C&C has lined up.


I am excited to see, regardless of any plans I've made, what God does with 2017. And I am so thrilled that you are to join me on the ride!
Happy (freakin belated!) New Year, y'all!