Megan & Her Heart

I have photographed several military families over the last year, each one showcases a beautiful heart-aching love. Megan and her family were no exception, in fact, our time together will not be one I easily forget.

From Meg-

"I've been an Army wife for 13 years, 6 moves, and 4 deployments. We have 3 kids born in 3 different states. We've been separated through every kind of holiday, birthday, and life event from baby's first steps to childbirth. The times I miss my husband the most though? The times I bite my cheek and blink away tears?  It's when Jesus takes the chaos of the day and unexpectedly transforms it into something beautiful...the Tuesday night dinner where all the kids actually eat and we joke and tell stories and laugh...the sunset walk to the park when my daughter finally solved the mystery of how to swing all by her big girl self...the sleeping newborn giving gummy smiles at 11:30pm for no reason at all.

We are working through our 4th deployment right now and looking at these pictures brings me so much joy! Mae captures those subtle moments so beautifully! She sees the sandy toddler hands and wind-whipped curls and protective hugs and knows they have weight. These last family photos for the next 9 months mean so much to us! You are amazing!"

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