Elizabeth & Her Boys

Elizabeth something that I never expected.
I arrived at her house at sunrise, to sleepy eyes and sweet dispositions. I saw the pictures of a handsome solider on the wall, holding the beautiful boys that surrounded me. There was a thick sense of perseverance soaked into each room. One acquired by many military families.
And there in the middle of it all, was Elizabeth. Soft and sure, a safe haven for some of the sweetest boys I've ever met. Thank you, mama, for allowing me to photograph your family.

From Elizabeth
"Oh Mae, may you never tire of hearing how special is your gift of art!  I may have teared up.  Thank you a thousand times over! 
As a mom of three here on earth and one angel  in heaven, I know that these little years are fleeting.  With my baby coming up on his first birthday, our days of him being my little nursling will soon be behind us... whether soon is weeks or months or years.  After those weeks and months and years I hope I will look back on this time with fondness.  Though these are the hard years full of selfless care, countless diaper changes, midnight wakings (plural), constant character building, bottomless pouring of drinks and fixing of food (whyyyyy do kids eat so much?!)....  there is magic in those moments that is such a privilege to be a part of... that the Lord should choose me to mother these children is beyond my comprehension.  I am grateful for his blessings, and I am grateful for you, Mae!"