stephanie & her team

Stephanie is one of those women you see and think " I have something in my teeth?" because she is so beautiful. And you secretly kind of hope that she is a jerk, just so that the universe is balanced.
But Stephanie is as sweet as she is beautiful. And her husband is a gentlemen beyond words (the kind that holds my hand as we hike up a mountain and is totally okay with my complete inability to adult in situations over 10 ft above sea level). Her children are kind and funny and are proof of a beautiful investment that she and her man have poured in

From Stephanie
"Being a mom to these two amazing humans is the greatest gift I have ever been given.  They have made this journey into motherhood so incredibly exciting. Tyler and I look at our family as a team, and we are the coaches. We can only hope that we are giving them the right plays and the best pre-game pep talks. We are in this game of life together; we celebrate our victories and learn from our losses. We are there to support and cheer each other on & help keep morale up when its down. 

Life gets very busy and moves quickly. Mae’s session gave me the time to slow down and appreciate our team. I was able to look n to their eyes and breathe them in. And for that I am forever"