chance & her boy

I have seen Chance in the photography world over the years become a sweet force of empowerment and encouragement, both to the women she photographs and the photographers in her community. I have not been excluded from her generous words and was absolutely thrilled when she booked a session with me during a recent trip to the Arizona desert. Her and her littlest boy drove a very long way to come and see me, so I had a few nerves about making sure her pictures were everything she'd hoped they'd be.

Chance arrived with a blurry eyed little boy ready to cuddle and explore. Chance wanted to document the last days of her nursing journey, that could come to a bittersweet end at any moment with me - but little man had other plans. There were rocks and sticks and beautiful mama hair to play with! No time to nurse! And just as soon as the sun dropped below his mama's unruly mane, (coinsidentally at the same time as when he stepped on the tiniest cactus thorn) he decided to get comfort from his mama's breast.

From Chance
" I am holding onto every second of "baby" with this one. I couldn't be more happy with the images that Mae delivered. She captured the love between my little and I perfectly. She was sweet, funny and oh so very patient. "

(read more about Chance's experience with me over on her blog!)

Chance, thank you so much for trusting me with this moment in motherhood. I wish you and your clan all the best!