16 On Location Images

I am so excited to have spent 2016 getting inside more of my clients' homes. I'll be the first to admit, I've spent quite a few years throwing shade at studio portrait photographers. The idea of shooting in the same space continuously equated to producing homogenous and stale images. However, in paying closer attention to my studio loving colleagues this year, I finally have an appreciation for the creativity required to produce unique images in once environment.
My hat goes off to the artists thriving in that space, but it's still not my jam.

In 2016 I shot in backyards, the beach, the dessert, the forest, and the mountains. Each location brought out a different attribute in my clients' personalities, beautiful light, and a chance for my clients' children to explore. So whether you are a mama looking to step out of the studio for your family portraits in 2017 by hiring a lifestyle photographer in town (or who is traveling to you!) or you are a photographer looking to challenge herself by shooting on location, I hope these image inspire you.