16 Images in Low-Light Homes

Whenever possible, I love to start off my sessions in my clients homes, meet them in their most comfortable, most vulnerable space. All the memories of making a family are trapped inside the walls of each unique space, and I get giddy when my clients invite me in. But it isn't without push-back. 
Online, we are inundated with images of homes with white walls and clean floors and no clutter (and no personality) and it discourages most of us to allow a photographer into all we have going on. And more often then not, my clients insist that their home doesn't have enough light. But years of shooting my girls in my own home everyday has taught me that there's always a patch somewhere. And even if we only stay inside for a few minutes, I always find it.

Here are some of my favorite sessions shot in the home this year shot in the homes of my clients.