Alyssa & Her Loves | Seattle

When I announced that I was headed for Seattle for Click Away and that I'd be taking a few sessions while I was there, I almost immediately sold this session. I noticed the name on the receipt was a man's name, but didn't think too much of it, because sometimes the women who hire me, use their husband's billing info on my site.
And right after that, I got the sweetest email letting me know that it was, indeed, a man who purchased the session. It was a gift for his expecting wife because he knew she loved my work. Oh, y'all. I for sure bawled like a baby. The. Sweetest. Ever.
And after spending a little bit of time with them, oh my word, the love they have for each other is so real.

From Alyssa:

We both agreed that the session with you was our favorite we’ve EVER done! & I promise I’m not just saying that!!!! Your energy was calming, comforting, and it was like we had known you for years not minutes. 

I was first introduced to your work through the purchase of your “moments in motherhood’ LAST October. I started following you on Insta and loved your work. When you announced you would be coming to Seattle to the workshop and offering mini sessions I remember making the comment to Jorel “Oh my gosh, this photographer I love is coming to Seattle… How cool would it be to get photos done with her!” NEVER did I think it would actually happen. You see, my best friend is a photographer and while she doesn’t specialize in family, maternity, or even kids— I knew she could capture a few of us for the sake of the memory. I don’t love being pregnant so I wasn’t overly excited for a maternity shoot. So her coming by and snapping a couple was going to be just fine. 

When he handed me the email confirmation of our shoot with YOU… I burst into tears. We had sworn that we wouldn’t do presents for our anniversary and boy did he surprise me. AND kept it a secret for like 3 months! That was in August and for the last two months Ive been a little nervous. I suddenly went from barely wanting a picture of myself pregnant to a session with someone who specializes in capturing motherhood. 

I just finished reviewing our gallery. Thank you for capturing US. My very favorite is the one of Jorel & I. There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you hit the jackpot of husbands. But the best part about Jorel is he isn’t just a loving husband… He is the BEST dad. My kids are REALLY REALLY lucky :) 

The next stage in motherhood is an exciting one. I turn 30 next month. We will celebrate Archer’s ‘golden’ birthday on the 3rd of December and then in a few short weeks we will welcome our baby girl to our world. Christmas. New Years. So much will happen in the next few months its part terrifying but mostly just exciting. I try to take each day a little slower. I savor moments more than I ever had in the past. I’m soaking up this time with Archer and anxiously preparing myself for whats coming. & lets be honest… I take A LOT of naps! 

I hope these words help tell our story. & thank you from the bottom of my heart for these images. I see me. I see Archer. & I see Jorel. In our truest forms. Happy! :)

Thank you, Jorel and Alyssa for bringing me into all the joy you've cultivated in your family. It was so sweet getting to know you.