Winter Mentoring Sale

I feel like everyone who is a friend of a photographer holds their breath when they log on to the internet this time of year.
They see the claims that we as photographers are already filling up for their year. Claims that we only have "x" amount of sessions to go around and half of those are taken. Claims that we are going to be giving more of ourselves to our kids than ever before, so make sure you get your piece of us while we still can. And then we sit waiting for our email notification blinker on our phone to go off, hoping someone will take the bait.

I've done it every winter since I can remember.

And this year, add to it all that - I decided to cancel my only workshop... I'm sweating. A lot more than ever before. I do need to be here for my girls. My ballerina twirling, coastal plain hiking,  little bay swimming ladies need me now more than ever, so I need to figure out how to make the best use of my time as a photographer/teacher this year that is also a benefit to you.

So here's what I'm doing for the month of January - a big ole winter sale on my online mentoring sessions and portfolio reviews.

Over the years. I have helped some extremely motivated women find their storytelling voice,  put together a cohesive portfolio and brand, and dig deep into personal projects that have produced more growth as an artist than anything else. And I've really limited the amount of time I've devoted to that - until now. If you've ever considered working with me one on one to refine your art, your story, your ability to connect with others through photographs, now's a great chance to take that leap.

More information on Portfolio Reviews and Online Mentoring Sessions here in the shop.
Please email me at for booking and inquiries.