Moments In Motherhood: Telling Mothers' Stories Through Photos | A Clickin Moms Breakout

I can't believe it's here - the time I finally announce what I've been pouring out all of my heart into. When Clickin Moms approached me about putting together a Breakout, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. Countless hours later of soul searching, deep thinking, and writing, I am overjoyed to announce my Breakout - Moments In Motherhood: Telling Mothers' Stories Through Portraits.

From the CMUniversity Website:


Mae Burke’s passion for motherhood is evident in every image that she takes personally and professionally. In this breakout, Mae shares how she creates images for herself and her clients that tell authentic stories about mothers, for mothers, through Motherhood Portraiture. You will learn the art of capturing motherhood in a way that gives you galleries full of reflections of a mother’s heart. You will learn how she approaches maternity, birth, newborn, breastfeeding, baby, child, and family photography to bring the spotlight on mama, and not just her babies. You will learn how to plan for any session involving a mother, how to build a portfolio that attracts clients looking to memorialize deep connection over props and outfits, and how to tell the story of motherhood that encourages, empowers and brings together your audience."

This is unlike anything I've ever done before. This is the closest thing you'll get to having me right there with you, explaining the ins and outs of why and how I do what I do - share moments in motherhood. Follow this link to see what I've packed into this amazing learning resource that let's you go at your own pace, allowing you to take it all in,  and ask me questions along the way during it's live run, October 13-28th. That's right, I'll be available in the CM Forum during that time to answer all of your questions, encourage you while you are finding your voice, and review your exercises.

  • Do I have to be a member of Clickin Moms to participate? - NOPE! Though, you should consider it! Being a member and CMPro at Clickin Moms has pushed my creativity to, and then past it's limits on a regular basis, and opened up more opportunities for me than I could have ever imagined.
  • I'm attending your sessions at Click Away, will your Breakout material overlap the material you are covering in San Antonio? Yes and No. During Click Away I will have two 75 min sessions covering breastfeeding photography (on Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon), and a 2 hour Golden Gour shooting experience revolved around maternity photography. We will be discussing those two aspects of Motherhood Portraiture, but will spend very little time focussing on anything on a larger scale. This breakout will cover everything from birth, to newborns, to babies, to breastfeeding, family and beyond.
  • I've attended a previous Moments In Motherhood Workshop, how will this differ? I have taken feedback from every previous workshop attendee about what they loved and what they wanted more of and have loaded it into these PDFs and videos. You will also see a wider variety of models during my posing videos than you normally would at an in-person workshop and receive a beginning to end editing video (which I cover very little of at workshops). There's nothing like being there in person, but this is the next best thing.
  • Where do I sign up? Head on over to my Breakout Page and click the "Sign Up Here" link to be notified the minute the breakout goes live! Once it has, you can purchase your little slice of learning, download the materials and start working though it at your own pace, the materials are yours to keep forever! To learn more about how Clickin Moms Breakouts work, head on over here. And stay tuned, you may have a chance at winning a copy of your own!