Love Living Free

 I am so excited that Monica and Ceci have started this phenomenal project, Love Living Free,
From their About Page:

"Over countless cups of coffee and late nights, we realized there were too many conversations and commonalities to keep to ourselves. In talking through our roles as wives, moms, business owners, friends, and everything in between, we really feel like what the world around us is missing - what WE are missing - is a freedom in our minds and in our hearts.

Our overall goal for the podcast is to cultivate a community where the journey to a more free life isn't something we all strive for alone. We are big believers in learning from other people's experiences and perspectives and we hope to be a catalyst & encouragement for people trying to find freedom in the ups and downs of everyday life."

Just as exciting for me, they chose me to be their first guest, speaking about balance. And on the heels of having one of THE WORST past couple of days ever. Full of crying and screaming and boogers - the kids were out of control too ;) - I think I needed to hear these words from myself just as much as anyone. So once you send the kids off to school, or nap time, or what have you, go give a listen.

I tend to think I'm funny, but I'm one of those jerks that laughs at their own jokes, so...