3 Tips To Help The Introvert Survive Click Away

The internet is all abuzz in anticipation of the upcoming Click Away event in San Antonio. I mean, THERE'S ONLY 4 MORE SLEEPS, PEOPLE!

There are lots of questions to be asked - What do I wear?

Will Ben Sasso survive being in an environment devoid of mountains and waterfalls?
What if Sue Bryce identifies my blocks from all the way across the room?
Will Lisa Tichane bring everyone macaroons? (this is more of a request...)

But one thing I am seeing more than anything is -

"HALP! I'm an introvert and I don't know if I'll be able to adult with everyone!"

Have no fear, my awesome, introverted friend, I have a few tips that may help.

Before I get to list making, let's first clarify what an introvert is, as it's becoming increasingly popular to claim this awesome status. It is not necessarily that you are shy, or stand-offish, or brilliant (just kidding, that's exactly what it means). Being an introvert is defined by being "concerned principally with its own affairs; inward-looking or parochial."
When helping my (very extroverted) oldest daughter understand why her younger sister needed time to play alone, we explained it like this "Extroverts get energy from being around other people, and lose energy when they are alone. Introverts lose energy when surrounded by other people, and gain energy from being alone."

Also, just for fun, go ahead and take a Jungian Personality test. Because that's the only way I can understand you ;)

l of us, extrovert, introvert, and martian alike, are kind of freaked out about meeting hundreds of new people, that's totally normal! Accepting a dinner invite, or a ride to the grocery store, or a shoot out can open you up for new friendships that can last a lifetime. For real. Know that everyone around you trying to figure out how to show the best of themselves to you and are less concerned with how much you are talking, so say "Yes." At least once.


Don't limit yourself with a label! Being an introvert is awesome! Without us, there would be know Sherlock Holmes, and without Sherlock Holmes, there would be no need for Benedict Cumberbatch to play "Sherlock" (and if you haven't already marathoned this on Netflix... guess what, party in Mae's room!!!) If you find yourself thinking that you can't share your glass of wine with Candace Zugich, or swap soccer stories with Kate Parker, or ask Michelle Gardella if, as a mermaid, it's painful for her to be out of the water for so long - all because you're introverted? Kick that thought in the face, put on those big girl panties and soak up what these amazing people have to share.

Hang out with people? Yes. Initiate conversations? You can do it. You're going to be great at all of this! But don't forget, you will BURN OUT FAST if you aren't giving yourself the time needed to process the day, form opinions about it, hash it out, and start again tomorrow. Don't feel so obligated to come out of that introvert mold that you set yourself up for failure by not giving your body and mind what it needs.

The kids are under someone else's care this weekend. Some people are waiting in San Antonio, stupid excited to meet you, teach you, share with you. It's going to be awesome. We can do it.