Today You Are Four

Norah Jean.Today, You are four. I have re read your birth story. I have relived all the feelings and sensations of that night I worked so hard to bring you into the world. I have shed little tears reliving the many long days and scary nights we've had since then. I have prayed over your beautiful little head, thank God for having another year with you.

You are introverted and I am continuously amazed at all that goes on in that brain of yours. When I ask you "What is your name?" you answer, "Nowah Jean Burke!" When I ask you "Who is Jesus?" you answer "King of All Kings!" When I ask you "What are clouds made of?" you answer "I just can't know!"

A few weeks ago, after you cut your own hair, I told you that I love your beautiful hair and asked you "Don't you know how beautiful you are?!" And you fell apart saying "but mommy, I NOT BEAUTIFUL!" and my mama heart broke all over the place. I asked why you said that and you just looked down at your rough hands, rubbed them together and collapsed into my arms crying.
That day I got to discuss beauty and purpose and our Creator with you in a raw and real way. I hope that you can always see what I see in you, Norah. What Jesus sees when He looks at his beautiful creation.

Your curiosity, passion, determination, and preciousness are so overwhelmingly beautiful. I know that things are different for you. They are sometimes difficult, sometimes unfair, but the way you are made, my sweet baby girl, is God Glorifying, and these four years of your life have brought me closer to His kingdom and grace and mercy and love than almost anything else on this earth.

Norah, Today, You are four. Happy Birthday, and many more.