The First Gleam of Light

A few weeks ago I posted this to my personal IG:"Thoughts on this crisp, clear morning out on the water while my sweet family still sleeps:
This morning there was a woman in the gym who may be the strongest woman I've ever seen in my whole life. There's an all women's cross fit gym here in Rockport that I've been trying out and this is the first time I've seen her. This woman. She did all of her 400m in about 2 mins, all of her 20" box jumps landed awesome and took everything in her to do. When she did her wall climbs you could see how strong her core was, she was so in control. She would wipe the sweat out of her eyes and go back out for her 400s with this look like "just go. get it done." and she did. I went up to her after class and told her how much I admired her strength and how I want to be that strong one day.
I came out to Fulton Beach Road to watch the sunrise instead of heading home, where after 4 hrs of broken sleep, I'd be tempted to try and go back to sleep, which would only make me cranky. Do you know how you can tell the sun is coming? The light that comes before it. The little glows and rays praise "It's almost time! It's coming! You think I'm pretty? Wait til this big ball of fire comes. It's gonna take your breath away!"
I want to be like that woman. I want to be like those rays. I want this world to look at me and see the discipline I have for Him. Yes, the love and light I can shed can be pretty, but His Majesty is indescribable. He Is Coming, friends."

Funny thing is, that is no original revolution, y'all. It's Proverbs 4:18


Don't think that God has changed, Christian. He was and is and will be.