Moments in Motherhood | Workshops on the Road

So, for Christmas I did a huge crazy thing and gave away two seats for my workshop in Rockport, Texas for the winner and her friend. There was a ton of response that I definitely didn't expect, and lots of kind, sweet uplifting, make a girl tear up words of encouragement that left me in a ball all mushy. And over the past couple of days as I've been working on details for next year's sessions I thought... WHY IN THE WORLD am I not teaching in these places?! You asked, so here are the dates


I'll take the afternoon (from 1:30-6:30) to teach you absolutely everything I know about capturing the essence of motherhood in front of the camera while cherishing your own maternal role at home.

Here’s what the workshops will look like:

  • we will spend the afternoon getting to know each other over lunch near the workshop studio. Have some food, laugh at my inability to eat at a reasonable pace due to horking down all of my food because I usually have a child bouncing on me, and head back to the studio.
  • we will assess where your business is and talk about where you want to go from the pictures you are taking to the money you are making.
  • we will talk about acquiring the client you want, preparing them for your session, and covering yourself legally.
  • after lunch we will photograph a beautiful small family of four in the studio or right outside. We will cover organic styling, posing, finding light, and working at the client’s pace and in their space.
  • after our session we will get back to work talking about post production and fine art products.
  • we will wrap up our time together by talking about the hard stuff. The mom/wife/own person plus business lady problems. The time management, the priorities, the reason that we are so passionate about this work that we do.

Your fee will cover your lunch, snacks, drinks, workbook, and a few extra goodies to take home with you. There are only 10 seats for each workshop. The fee is $700 (plus tax and paypal fees if you pay that way) but will be discounted to $650 if you book by March 1. Things happen unexpectedly for you, and for me. Due to the nature of traveling for these workshops, the fee is non refundable. You may however sell your seat to someone else if you are unable to make it. In the tragic, pride crushing event that I don't fill enough seats in any given city, I will cancel that workshop and refunds will be given.

These workshops are for female professional or hobbyist photographer that already knows their way around their camera (digital or film) in manual mode. I will spend very little time going over camera settings. This workshop is perfect for the photographer who wants to know more about motherhood portraiture and how to specialize in it.

So, are you ready? Email me at with any  questions (spoiler alert, I have payment plans available) and let’s get started.