Baby Belly Bubble Bath | Houston Maternity Session at Home

I still get rather nervous when I walk into an expecting mama's home.This is where they are preparing themselves for a new life. One that is needy, has it's own personality, and is everything and nothing you could have ever imagined. I have to humble myself before walking on such fragile ground - this nest is being held together so gingerly, I mustn't disturb it.

And yet, I can't help but come alive when I see an expecting mother confident in her taught, luminous, ever changing skin. I can't help but gush behind the lens when they allow themselves to smile genuinely - because despite all of the meltdowns and weak bladders and uncertainty of it all - they are joyful. Even if for the moment.

I visited Houston this week to see a mama I had never met before and knew little about. But she loved my work, trusted me, and invited me into her home with open arms.

Her little daughter Annie was all smiles. Her husband was home despite a job that keeps him away most of the time. Her mama was there to lend a helping hand. Jenn, thank you over and over again for allowing me to photograph you just as you are.