2015 Travel Dates

The weirdest thing happened. I asked my husband what he thought about me traveling this past year.It was really hard for me to do with Phoebe, especially as she got older, but we decided my family overall did really well with it. And then the crazy thing happened - my hubby told me to do more, get better at it, go on adventure with my camera. But I only went to and from DFW a handful of times.

So then I got this big crazy scary idea - Why not travel to other places? I asked you all where you want me to go and you spoke up loud and clear. I made the executive big girl (scardy cat) decision to stay state side (unless someone wants to fly me out to Fiji, then...lezdewit!) but am going to be visiting some really beautiful places (and no doubt, families)

Without any further ado - 2015 Travel Dates. You now know what to ask for on your Christmas list this year, you're welcome.

Full sessions will be 1-2 hours in your home or your favorite spot in town. 30+ images (5x7 proof prints & full res digital images) There will be 3 available in each city. Half of session fee due to reserve, remainder due two weeks prior to session Mini sessions (nursing mamas only) will be held on location at a studio or outdoors. online gallery of 15 images to chose your favorites from. 4 digital images included with session. There will be two hours (about 8 spots) available in each city. Session fee due in full to reserve.

If I do not book a city with enough sessions, I will have to cancel my stop there, so be sure you tell all your mama friends that I'm coming their way!

I can't wait to meet you all in your city. Email me at maeburkephoto@gmail.com or via the contact form above ^