About Itchy Sketches

So... a few weeks ago when I said "Y'all go look at my new Etsy shop!!"And y'all were like... "Sooooo, where's that Etsy shop???" And I was all "...*crickets*..."


But, like with so many other things this year, I let my big girl self get ahead of what I really needed to do for my family. As more and more people sent me inquiries (not orders) I panicked. "WHAT am I thinking adding another business to my load?" The expense of packaging, shipping, and added stress of maintaining yet another feather to my cap, is just not worth it. I faced the same dilemma about a year ago when debating whether or not I should sell essential oils (even though we are avid users due to Norah's condition).

Mama, behind this screen, I'm looking right at you. That thing that you love, that thing that you are passionate about, and (let's be real) that thing that could help y'all make that extra money that you could really frikkin use - you can turn it into a successful business - but you don't have to.

There are things that can be just for fun. Things that can be just for you. Things that can bring a smile to another's face and even closer to the Lord. But in a world that has pushed me to try and squeeze every last dime out of my talents, I'm here to tell you, it's okay not to.

So with that in mind, I quickly closed down the shop, before any non friends ordered and I got in over my head.

And I've been sitting here ever since debating what I should do.

These little sketches of verses have been my companions through my insomnia riddled nights. The verses themselves have offered comfort and hope to the situation with our sweet Itchy Kid, Norah. And, c'mon, they're a bit cute and some of you even seemed to like them.

The other side of this is Norah herself. The last talk we've had with the doctors came to this conclusion - we are taking care of her too well. Funny, right? In order to receive a diagnosis of mastocytosis, we would have to basically stop preventing her from all of her triggers, and expose her to things that make her go into shock, to test the level of mast cells. If you've ever seen her in shock... You'd know how scary this is to me as her mama. But on the bright side, we are doing everything right *if it is masto* SO do we go after this diagnosis or not? It's something we are still debating. But there are very important emergency medications and a few other medical expenses that have to be taken care of. Who knows, maybe one day, we can get her a dog that can sniff out when she is about to have a reaction.

So here is what I've done. Instant Downloads. More than money, we need prayer for our sweet girl. Prayer that there will one day be a cure for her. Prayer that we will have the wisdom and energy to be vigilant in keeping her safe. Prayer that we seek her salvation even more than we seek healing for her body. And maybe, buy purchasing one of these images, you can check your phone and see one of those verses in the background and pray for her. Or maybe you get one printed out and hang it in your little's nursery. Or maybe you'll make little cards to encourage your friends. That's totally up to you.

So head on over to the shop and check it out if you haven't already. This new approach will make it a ton easier for me to add new prints regularly so be encouraged, and check back often ;]