A New Look

Some of you may have noticed that I've been getting a little...ahem, personal... around these parts lately.With the body talk and the suicide talk and the Jesus talk. Things haven't been the normal Bellies and Babies and Boobies.

At the beginning of this summer I was convicted of something in my Spitit - This unique story that God is writing for me isn't just for the privileged few. It is for the glory of His Kingdom and who am I (prideful, protective, persnickety me) to deny that? So here it is... ALL. of it. I've combined my personal blog with my professional blog and hope it to be a place of encouragement. A place that you can come to get filled up, to laugh, to cry (there's a lot of crying around here, huh?) and remind ourselves of the beauty that God has created for. Not just the glimpses we get to see here on Earth, but those that are promised for eternity.



Have I been quaking in my boots over "alienating" my audience? YEP. Am I cut out for the type of criticism I'm going to receive (and have already seen) NOPE.

But regardless if you are going to hire me as a photographer, I want to speak truth into your life from my personal experiences, backed up by Scripture.

SO... Maaaaaaae. What can I expect on this "new" blog of yours? Pretty much what you've seen all summer! All under one place www.maeburke.com I've still got to run and hide a few hundred posts written by 20 year old me clean some things up and make sure all is running smoothly and I sure hope you'll stick around!

This is where you'll find new client sessions. This is where you'll find the scoop on homeschooling our girls. This is where you'll find Itchy Sketches Print Shop updates. This is where you'll find horrifying poop stories. And if I don't let myself get in the way, hopefully you can find some Jesus here.