The Birth of Annalise

Lindsay contacted me just a few days before the birth of her sweet girl. She as already due, so I knew that I was really on call.

Thanksgiving day rolls around, I just started to make lunch, and I got "the call"

I picked up my bag, raced to my car, and started praying for a beautiful bith for this mama (who had a difficult first birth) and made it to her birth in record time.
The streets were quiet. Neighborhoods were lined with cars of families feasting with their loved ones. And while all of the Johnson's neighbors watched the game, and got full on turkey, pie & stuffing, Lindsay worked. She worked hard, and she worked efficiently, and we all rejoiced when she finally got to hold her sweet girl in her arms.










Thank you so much Johnson family for allowing me to be part of such a beautiful afternoon/evening, and congratulations on your precious daughter.