greg & lindsay wait for liam: fort worth maternity session

Lindsay contacted me about photographing her and her bump a few months back and when we met for her client meeting, I sorta, kinda, completely fell in love with her. She was adorable, she loved her husband, and she had the most perfectly perfect belly that you ever did see. 

I always get a teensy tiny bit nervous when clients tell me "Oh, whatever you want to do, we trust you!"
Ummmm...right. That never really works out. As a client there are always expectations you have. You want to remember certain things from your pregnancy, you've seen all of the adorable poses on Pinterest, there is *something* that you are looking for.

Not this couple.

They were clay on a wheel (drop dead gorgeous clay) and I was supposed to make a vase.
So we met at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art and made our way through Downtown Fort Worth.
And had a BLAST.
Lindsay was shy, and took direction perfectly, Greg adored her (and took direction just as well), and Liam, he just kicked back, makin his mama's tummy all perfect.














The best part, I get to photograph their sweet son when he arrives throughout his entire first year. I cannot wait to meet him and watch the Mr. & Mrs. grow as parents. Have a blessed birth, Lindsay! I am giddy to meet your son!