Defining Me

I have been working with my wonderful mentor, Heather these past few weeks to narrow and clarify the vision of my photography business and who I am as a photographer.


"Who do you want to be as a photographer?"


It resonated within me deep until I could finally sit down and sketch/write it all down.


Who I have been as a photographer has lead to a wanna be artist who's creative mind is hungry and little to show for the amount of time she works on her art other than two beautiful, grumpy baby girls and a mama stretched too thin.


I want to be someone that gives their clients art. Not one that "shoots and burns" leaving their clients with little else than a few pictures on facebook. I want to give my clients my perspective of photography that leaves their souls smiling knowing that they now posses memories of their family exactly the way they are. Organic, simple, pure phtographs that radiate the love of their familly to everyone that walks into their home and sees them.

I have been so afraid of it for so long, stepping outside of this "pop up photography gig" that I've allowed myself to become comfortable with. But now, as the call to my responsibility of wife, mother, and artist is pounding in my chest, it's time to make the change.


How will little ol' scardy cat me be able to do this? What does it mean for you, my potential client?
First off, I'll be shooting less, giving you and your session my full attention. One or two shoots a month leaves me with the time I need to create the shoot that is unique to you and create gorgeous images for you to take home. I want you to be picky when chosing a photographer, come to me because you love what you see in my work, and I want to tell stories of families with deep love (waiting for a baby, welcoming a baby, and celebrating the love God is spreading through a marriage and children)
Secondly, when you come to me, you get exactly what you want. Simple as that. There are no predetermined packages, so you don't have to chose from fine art products that you may not be in LOVE with, and who wants that?! I want you to walk away with items that you cherish and look at daily, and I cannot wait to help you make your selections. It fills me with shame that so many of my own daugthers' pictures are sitting on a harddrive, never seeing the light of day or adorning our walls. I have precious, irreplaceable memories that just sit on my computer to "one day" print. No longer am I putting that responsibility on my clients to make sure their art is tangible and of beautiful quality, you leave it to me.

For the families who've allowed me to "experiment" with them this year and have gone through this process with me, THANK you. I am THRILLED you have art in your home of pictures that you adore, and that our time together was amazing. You have allowed me to press on in this endeavor more than you know! 



I want to see your love, capture it, share it, and have you cherish it forever.
So shoot me an email, give me a call, and let's meet for coffee (or tea, because really, I pretend to like coffee...but I just don't ;]) and talk about a session with me. I'm excited to share this new me with you. 


I'll leave you with some images of my new branding. I'm so in love with it!!


(Some nice big prints on eco-friendly fine art paper)



(gorgeous 10X10 & 6X6 press printed fine art books)