That One Time I Felt A Little Bit Famous


So a few weeks ago, it happened. All the planning all year long, and it actually freakin happened. 

I was flown out to DC to photograph "The Great Nurse-In" in Washington, DC, and local nursing mamas.
It was actually a very quick trip since I was so "go go go" the whole time I was there, and I'm still working on the pictures for all of the mamas I got to meet, but I figured I'd take a break and edit a few personal photos.

(Nursing @ 30,000 ft, Puppy enjoying some juice, "bubbles" (or clouds as they are known to the rest of us)



(norah bein a skinny lil' toddler and patiently hanging out while I shot as soon as we got in)


(rad headboard at the hotel, sorbet from room service, N & Puppy crashed)


(ridin on the metro, vegan muffins at an adorable little bakery, sneak of a shot from a mini session)



(gorgeous spread at the Eastern Market where I had my second mini session, I can't wait to share these images-they are some that I have wanted to take my entire career, and it just...happened!)


(made it to the Capitol just in time for the event)


(sweating our booties off after the event, came back to the hotel for some r&r, went to the National Portrait Museum before dinner with our amazing hosts)



"I'm going in, Mama!"





(Me "Norah!!! SAY CHEESE!!" Norah, "NOOOOOO!!"

(desert after dinner)


(Best cupcakes of your life. Vegan, some gluten free, DELICIOUS. We ate all three. Then and there. I am not ashamed. Much.)


(that night we went back to the room, recovered from my diabetic coma, snuggled, watched Phelps dominate the Olympics, and got ready for another day of metro hoppin and picture takin)



(breakfast with Puppy back at Eastern Market. apparently this was "Have a gorgeous, entertaining, international accent day" at the Bakery, I felt super classy, y'all)

(photo bombin' all my mini sessions. no but really. lots of photoshop happening people. lots.)



(more metro, bfast, and airportin.)




All in all, it was a fantastic trip, and I feel *so blessed* to have been able to go.
I'll be back with a link up to all of the pictures from the weekend.