Will Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Meet my pastor's newest son, Will.



This adorable tiny man was born into an extremely loving family that allowed me to photograph, and have mild ovary exploding induced heartataches while I was there.



Big Sis was not what we call, "Camera Shy" ;] Hehe!





Can you see baby will? Hehe! Loved that sister jumped right up with mama while he was snacking :]




Congratulations, Rowntrees! Your family is truly blessed!



Not long after this session, Mama A was taken to the hospital for facial paralysis and the doctors still aren't quite sure what is causing it. I was extremely thankful that I was able to freeze a moment of this family's joy before the stress of their situation  became a part of their lives. I hope you will join me in my prayer for complete healing for this sweet mama so she may enjoy all that there is to enjoy during her babymoon <3