Two for Tea

My girls and I have tea time almost every day. Usually between breakfast and lunch or right after naps before dinner.



My milk supply started really dipping low about a month ago [same thing happened with Lily at this age, which is when I decided it was time for us to wean, but I'm trying to hold out with Norah] so every day I must drink at least one or two cups of Mother's Milk Tea.

Lily and Norah have gotten in on the act too. Lily would pick lavender flowers or lemon balm leaves from our plants on the patio, or ask for watered down chamomile tea. Today while we were at Central Market, Lily picked out this "Ni-Night Tea" that she has been eye-balling for about a month.



All day and evening she has asked if it was time for "My pink ni-night tea for my baby doll's bes-milk" (My *almost* three year old is convinced she lactates. Totally normal, right?) Well after faces were washed, and diapers were on, t'was tea time.








Norah signing for "More" hehehe!!





I love these pictures for so many reasons.
a) My girls are one of the best gifts the Lord has brought me and I just love seeing them grow
b) photographically speaking, I love pushing myself in low light situations like these. I think knowing that I don't have a client to "please" makes me so much more relaxed and allows me to pull something much deeper out from within me
c) they are just so damn cute. 


Do you have a favorite past-time with you sibling? Tell me all about it.


*Mama's Mug- Anthro gift from a sweet friend
*Japanese Tea cups and Kettle- Christmas gift from my hubby years ago from the Korean grocery store Super H Mart