Documenting Baby's Milestones at Home

As a photographer and mama, catching every little adorable thing my girls do is at the top of my priority list every day.
I was not a photographer when Lily was a baby [so we had our family photographer take her/our pictures every three months] so while I was preparing for Norah's arrival, I tried to decide on what I would do to document her milestones.
Baby in the chair with their stuffed animal, same onesie on with a different sticker, sitting next to a chalkboard with age written on it...I'd seen it all.
But what I wanted was something that showed me what was going on in HER life.

The day Norah rolled over - I knew what I was going to do. 



Once Norah had mastered a skill, I kept my Camera close.



Taking one picture of a milestone [other than sitting] doesn't really give you the full effect, so I snapped away as she scooted, crawled, pulled up [didn't do one for standing] and walked. 







While they aren't anywhere near the quality of what I would give my clients, they are dear to me. Who cares about the lighting in my tiny [virtually windowless] apartment [where most of these were taken] or if she had on a coordinating outfit when you have the genuiness of such sweet moments.

What you'll need:

  • An adorable Baby
  • A camera (point and shoot, DSLR, SHOOT, I bet this would even look adorable with Instagram pictures from your phone...though the shutter might be to slow)
  • Editing software (Many of these were done in GIMP (FREE!!!) when I only had Lightroom and no Photoshop. You can get free trials of most of the Photoshop programs on Adobe's website.
  • If you are unfamiliar with resizing/cropping images and making collages, head on over to Paint The Moon, she has so many amazing, FREE resources to use, including colage templates!
  • A calendar. Counting the weeks was somtimes annoying, so you could use the date, or whatever you'd like, just make sure you have some frame of reference to the time! 

Hope this inspires you to take more pictures of your kiddos on a day to day basis! While I *Have* been lucky enough to catch a few of my "Grow With Me" client's first steps, or rolling over, I [or any other photographer, for that matter] can't be there for them all!


Hope you are having a great weekend!
I'll be back next week with lots of pretty posts for you!