Spring Break Babes

This is just copy pasta from my photography blog. But really, it's so cute, it deserves to be posted twice.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Here's a short n' oh so sweet post featuring my ittiest bittiest and her BFF Miss H.
 "Suck it in, Norah! They are taking our picture"
Aren't those the sweetest, tiniest one year old rolls you've ever seen? (No need to answer that, they are)
"Mama..You know this water is not...how do you say...warm? Right?"
Classic baby faces. H looking adorable- Norah eating nature.
 "Look H, Give Nona kisses, like this"
"Yessss, kisses!" 
"How bout I just love her like this?"
Yes! Perfect! Now, Give each other kisses!!!
...Or the pool.
"Wait a minute...I think they want us to kiss each other!!! Silly mamas..."
Sigh...I guess you can just sit there and look adorable, if you must.
Hope your spring break is going splendid!