Sometimes, I Teach

Happy Monday all!

I have finally decided to dive into something I've been scared to death of far too long-mentorship.

What's that? I'm still a baby? Who the heck am I to be teaching anything when I have so much to learn? I don't know.

I asked myself the same question the first time I got an inquery from a woman who was really loose with the compliments who wanted to steal a lock of my hair to encapsulate my magic, or follow me around at a shoot or something like that...and the second, and third and so on. But now that I've started getting back into the swing of things with mamas & babies ready to get out into the spring air for some portraits, I think I'm ready!




So here's the scoop on mentoring sessions with moi!

Amateur/beginning photographers (should know how to shoot in manual mode on a DSLR camera. Women only, sorry fellas!)
60-90 mins shooting time with me and a willing client (Maternity, Baby (3+ months), Nursing* & Family Sessions) 
We will go over selecting locations with appropriate lighting, posing, and how to roll around on the floor to get "the shot" without tearing your favorite jeans.
2-3 hours post production with me in my home (can be immediately following shoot or sometime during the following week) 
This time will be used to import images and get a full beginning to end look of my workflow. We will also take a look at some of the images you snapped during the session. Your images may be used in your portfolio! I will be an open book during this time, so have your questions ready! How should I back up my images? What does RAW mean? How do you properly sit at your desk chair without needing weekly visits to the chiropractor? (Actually, don't ask me that. I obvliously have no clue.)
What's it gonna cost me?
$300 gets you all this above mentioned quality time with me, plus a few extra goodies ;] (Full payment due at time of booking)
12 month, 250 mile Non-Compete Contract.

*I will only be having SIX mentoring sessions for nursing sessions this year. This non compete contract is for 24 months, 250 miles


Austinite? Rockportian? I have opportunities for you as well!

Are you one of those weird peole who don't say "y'all"? Live outside of the DFW area but still want a chance at mentoring with me? Email me about Skype sessions, I'd love to work with you.

What if you really just enjoy my company? (Let's face it, you probably will) Well lucky you, arangements can be made to work with me long term, and towards the end of the year (around holiday time) I'll be looking to add someone permanently to work alongside me.

OH, and here's some fun news:
The first two people to email me at [mae burke photo at gmail dot com] wanting a mentoring session will recieve HALF. OFF. their session fee. And just for fun, the following 3 people will receive their's at 25% off. I know, I know, I'm so awesome ;] 

So what are you waiting for?! Let's learn how to use that camera of yours in a way that brings out the beauty of some of God's most lovely creations- mamas & their babies.