Home at Last

...oh yeah. I have a blog. Oops.

Sorry it's been so long since I've been around these parts! I've been busy nesting.
Oh, no, I'm not pregnant. Maybe that's not the right word for it. I haven't really been interacting with society lately. My vocabulary is shrinking.
But I have been using my shiniest spit and sturdiest twigs to make our new house look all Burke-y.
Oh, yeah. New house. That happened!!!

Let's rewind:
WAY BACK in November Eamon and I found a house in a neighborhood that we love on Craigslist. The NEXT day it was already taken so we were like, eh, no biggy. As we drove away from the house I turned to Eamon and said "God says He's going to give us a house in this neighborhood, just you wait." He chuckled and we drove home.
A few weeks later we found a house not in that neighborhood, but near by. It was perfect(ish). Three bedrooms, extra large washroom that could be a classroom, gas stove, shed out back for Eamon to work out of, big back yard. The paneling on the walls, along with one or two other minor things were easily overlooked. We got our deposit ready, gave notice to our apartment, got all the signatures we needed-and the day before we were supposed to hand over the money (12 days before move in) the real estate agent flaked. We were pissed, devastated, confused...it was so bizarre.
Fast forward to church that week (oh yeah, we do that too now...I basically morphed into a different person. I'm also blonde, 6'1" and don't grow pit hair anymore) and God tells me that Eamon has to take the lead in finding our house, but I have to help. Because that make total sense, right? Oh, it does? Glad you understood, bc I didn't. So I deleted my "This B has way too much time on her hands and looks up house listings every five minutes" app on my phone and restricted myself to 30 mins of searching each day (because I'm so disciplined)  and saw this weird listing on craigslist.
It had everything that we were looking for in a home, at a price cheaper than we had seen anywhere else, with some extra perks, within walking distance of the first house we looked at. It had to be a scam. I sent the listing to Eamon and just sat back.
Fast forward to one month ago- boxes packed, trucks getting loaded.

God always finishes what He starts. Remember that. And He never disappoints on a promise.

We are having our housewarming party this weekend and after that I'll post a home tour! I didn't decorate our last apartment bc I didn't know when we'd be moving and I was OH-VER it. But now, I feel so much more comfortable in my home. (Thank you pinterest!) Well, except the office. Everything that doesn't have a place is in our "office." It's the last thing we have to tackle.

Hope you all are doing fan effing tastic. It's spring break here, hubby's off all week...maybe I'll shave my legs.

Oh, and Norah's...almost ONE, so with that and lots of other fun stuff, hopefully I'll be blogging here more frequently again. Hopefully.